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About Reuse Golf Ball Co.

Reuse Golf Ball Co. is run by me, Nico, and my friends. We started collecting golf balls just for fun. Then sold them at our lemonade stand next to the golf course. We found so many, I asked my mom to help me with this website.

My plan is to save our profits to use towards college or a gap year traveling the world. So please share this with your golfing friends so I can do both! Thanks for checking our my site. I find new balls all the time so be sure to join my list too!

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My Story

Hi, I’m Nico and I’m in middle school. I started my first business when I was just seven years old picking up dog poop. Since then, I did yard work, wash cars, sell candy, clean garages and even started a summer camp in my city.

I love sports, hanging out with my friends and making money in fun ways. I’m really excited about Reuse Golf Ball Co because it lets people play golf, save some money and do good to our planet.

Other Businesses

2017 - 2018
Dog Poop Cleanup
2018 - Pres
Candy & lemonade stands
Summer camps, tutoring, yard work
Reuse Golf Ball Co

If you play more because it doesn’t cost as much, we did our job.

We love playing sports and understand your love for golf. We also understand the importance of the right equipment. So we never send you crappy golf balls. If you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll make it right by you. – Nico & Vincent

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